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Job Openings by Location

Dynaband - Belcourt location
Customer Service Representative Belcourt

DMI - Cooperstown location
Customer Service Representative Cooperstown

DMI - Jamestown location
Customer Service Representative Jamestown


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To start your application, you will first need to determine which location you are applying for above. Dynaband is for our Belcourt, ND location, and DMI is for either the Cooperstown or Jamestown, ND location.

The application links are after the job description (click on the link for the job opening above to see the related job description). For your application to be considered for review, you will need to complete both Step #1 and Step #2 documents.

- All prospective hires will complete the Step #1 and Step #2 documents for the location they plan to be employed.
- Those documents will be reviewed by the location supervisor(s) for consideration of hire.
- If an applicant is hired, the applicant will be notified and will need to complete our Step #3 Post-Hire documents and provide the required I-9 ID's to complete their hiring packet.