DMI has been providing quality market research and customer service for over 30 years. we offer data options such as lead generation, database management, mailing services, emailing services, SMS text services, customer service and sales. Our excellent expertise and knowledge allows us to utilize state of the art technology with a wide variety of solutions for our clients ever expanding needs.



DMI has an excellent, experienced customer service staff. We offer our clients unsurpassed service and dedication. Our customer service representatives are well trained and are held to the highest ethical standards.


Data Collection

DMI has a Market Research Department with the capability to perform a wide variety of data collection services, including but not limited to: CATI or pen/paper interviews, feasibility studies, focus group or mock trial recruitment, business to business, business to consumer, public opinion and political. We have built our reputation on integrity and customer satisfaction.


Data Services/Tech Support

DMI includes a Data Processing Department within the company that is experienced with various applications to suit our clients ever expanding needs. From building your database to producing data reports, our team supports you beginning to end. Our extensive knowledge and database management skills insure that our clients are getting accurate data in a timely manner.


Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

Our Cooperstown call center is dedicated to lead generation programs. Specializing in appointment setting for CPA's and other service companies nationwide. Providing consistent lead generation that is imperative for survival to many types of companies.